Daniel Hendricks

My name is Daniel N Hendricks. I’m retired and living in Strathmore Alberta with my wife Kathryn. I have an Art background with a preference for Digital Photography. Practicing as an amateur, I focus on the minimal with a flavour for abstract in my imagery. One thing Art College taught me was an awareness and appreciation for Impressionism, Monet, Tom Thomson and The Group of Seven.

For the most part, my images are displayed with a landscape orientation. I put emphasis on horizontal shapes, am consciously aware of Color and Pattern, and strive for minimal detail. My images may be abstract by nature, but will always be representational of landscape, seascape and florals with regular emphasis on agricultural themes.

Believing it essential to photograph your own lifestyle, many of my images will represent the prairies, with an agricultural theme. I love photographing cattle, because you never have to say, “OK…everyone look at the Camera and say Cheese”. They are constantly focused on you.

Presently at the Strathmore Municipal Library, I am displaying small format ‘PhotoArt’ with a painterly quality. I refer to this collection as ‘ShelfArt’, which has the flexibility of being moved around and displayed on shelving in various locations and settings in the home or office.

 “When you focus on the Alberta Prairie, you can see beauty in a single blade of grass”…DNH

 I would like to thank The Strathmore Municipal Library for the privilege to display my Art in their Gallery.

Daniel N Hendricks

email: mercury67s33@shaw.ca

Instagram: @terralta2018