Wheatland Youth Network

Building on supports for youth aged 11-24 in our communities

The Wheatland Youth Network (WYN) started with a need identified through our local physicians:

Youth need access to mild-moderate mental health and wellness support

Our community worked together in bringing this need forward and developed WYN. WYN is 1 of 11 communities in Alberta that are working towards creating an Integrated Youth Hub. An Integrated Youth Hub is all about connecting young people age 11-24 with mental health and wellness supports within their community. WYN wants to walk alongside our young people in navigating and accessing mild to moderate support services. WYN is utilizing a Stepped Care Model approach in ensuring service delivery is person centered and allows young people to access the right kind of service at the right time in their lives.

March 2021, WYN completed an online survey with responses from 116 youth age 14-24 in our community. Respondents identified the following top 5 areas needing further support:  

Life Skills, Mental Health, Academic Success, Basic Needs & Healthy Relationships.

This data will help shape our work plan and future service delivery.

Our goal of developing an Integrated Youth Hub is a process and we are working towards this goal with the help of our Steering Committee members, representing several community members and support agencies that have been pivotal in the progress.

  • Alberta Health Services: Addictions & Mental Health
  • Calgary Rural Primary Care Network
  • Golden Hills School Division   
  • Pinnacle Medical: Local Physician
  • Strathmore Municipal Library       
  • Trellis Commons
  • Town of Strathmore: SFCSS
  • Wheatland County Counselling
  • Wheatland Crisis Society

Right now, WYN has two Subcommittees, one for Youth and one for Parents/Caregivers. Our Subcommittee members help inform WYN’s decision making and ensure we have both the youth and parent/caregiver voice in our work going forward. Our Youth Subcommittee meets twice a month for 1-2 hours and is open to youth age 12-18. Our youth members work together in creating informative and interactive events/workshops for youth in our community. Our parent/caregiver subcommittee meets once a month for 1-2 hours.

WYN has big plans this summer in collaborating with community agencies and developing fun and interactive community wellness opportunities for young people in Strathmore and surrounding rural communities. Collaboration is key in the success of WYN and without our strong community members we wouldn’t be where we are at today.

If you are interested in learning more about WYN please contact Michelle, WYN Coordinator.



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