Wheatland Youth Network

The Wheatland Youth Network (WYN) is 1 of 11 Integrated Youth Hubs as part of the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) Youth Hubs Project. WYN is a network of Community Partners and Service Providers that are working together to connect Youth age 11-24 with wellness resources in Strathmore and Wheatland County.

WYN is here to listen to young people’s needs and help find a support that fits.

March 2021, WYN completed an online survey with Youth ages 14-24. 116 responses identified the top 5 areas Youth would like further support:

  1. Life Skills (employment; getting valid ID; learning how to cook; managing money)
  2. Mental Health (anxiety; depression and stress; grief/loss)
  3. Academic success (access to tutors; difficulty finding balance between school and personal life)
  4. Basic Needs (finding a stable home; access to food; feeling safe)
  5. Healthy Relationships (healthy boundaries; bullying/cyber bullying; mentorship/elder connection)

 Going forward with the survey results, WYN launched into operations March 2022 hosting several fun pop up events for Youth in the community. WYN currently has 3 active staff roles:

  • Navigator (25 hrs/week): The Navigator will work with Youth on finding a support that fits for them and will work collaboratively with Community Partners and Service Providers to connect Youth with discussed supports. Navigator and Youth will work together to coordinate continuity of care. 
  • Community Coordinator (16 hrs/week): Collaborates with Youth, Community Partners and Service Providers in creating pop up events/activities that focus on Youth wellness. Builds community awareness on how people can utilize WYN as a support. 
  • Summer Student (30 hrs/week): Supports facilitating pop-up events/activities for Youth in Strathmore and Wheatland County. Summer Student connects with 5 rural communities twice throughout summer. 

WYN also runs a Youth Subcommittee for Youth ages 12-18. The subcommittee meets twice a month for 1-2 hours and helps create fun activities for Youth in the community. 

Since WYN’s operational launch in March 2022, 3 Families have accessed Navigation support for the following needs:

  • Tutoring
  • Counselling
  • Employment
  • Youth programming
  • Support for adults with developmental disabilities under the age of 24 with CRPCN staff


WYN has developed a partnership with Golden Hills School Division offering after school programming once a week piloting at Crowther Memorial Junior High School in Strathmore. WYN also continues to offer pop up activities in the community once a week. Every program and event focuses on Youth wellness and pulls in community resources to help build awareness of available supports for Youth.

WYN is rooted in working collaboratively with youth, families, community partners and service providers in navigating and building more awareness of community resources.

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Questions? Contact Michelle, WYN Navigator 403-934-0516 navigator@wheatlandyouth.ca

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