Monetary Donations

Donations of Money

  • Acceptance of donations by the Library does not endorse the views, opinions or actions of the donor. 
  • Individual and group donations above $50 are acknowledged in writing (or other means deemed appropriate) by the Director of Library Services and/or Board Chair. 
  • Next of kin, or individuals deemed appropriate, are notified of names of a person or group making “in memory of” donations.

Book Case Donor Wall

Located above the computer section of the Strathmore Municipal Library building, the donor wall bears the names of our generous donors.  This colourful display allows businesses, families, community groups, and individuals to show their support for the Strathmore Municipal Library.  

  • 6" Book Spine - $50.00
  • 7.5" Book Spine - $100.00
  • 9" Book Spine - $150.00
  • Flower Pot - $250.00
  • Open Book - $500.00
  • Book Cover/Critter - $1000.00

Inscriptions on the book spines may contain up to 60 characters.  Inscription size varies according to the number of characters and size of book selected.  Purchase of a specialty item will entitle you to more inscription options. 

To purchase a piece on the book spine donor wall, please download, fill out, and return it to the library.  Forms are also available inside the library. 

Please note: Select pieces have limited quantities available.  

Donor Form