Plan of Service 2023-2025

Download our plan of service brochure below. 


The Strathmore Municipal Library will provide opportunities for lifelong learning to the residents & visitors of Strathmore and Area.

Needs Assessment

In order to develop a new Plan of Service for the Strathmore Municipal Library, the Town of Strathmore Library Board solicited feedback from the community through both online and paper surveys during November and December of 2022. The Library Board encouraged community members to share their thoughts, concerns, and goals for ideal library services through a variety of channels, such as online survey platforms, posters, and social media. After collecting feedback from the public, the Library Board prioritized the recommendations based on their level of significance, urgency and feasibility, while taking into account the library's available resources, budget, and staff capacity. All questions and comments received from the community were analyzed, and the resulting data was presented to the Library Board in early 2023. Based on this information, the Library Board chose four service goals for the library to focus on for the next three years.

Priority Service Responses

Create Young Readers: Early Literacy

To promote early literacy and support early childhood development in the local community.

Satisfy Curiosity: Lifelong Learning & Succeed in School (Homework Help)

The community will have access to collections and programs that support exploration and learning for all ages and abilities.

Visit a Comfortable Place: Physical and Virtual Spaces

To create a welcoming and comfortable environment for library users in both physical and virtual spaces.

Make Career Choices: Job and Career Development

To support job and career development by providing access to educational resources and opportunities, as well as partnering with local organizations and businesses to expand library resources and reach new audiences.

Plan of Service Brochure