Our Mission & Values

Our Mission

The Strathmore Municipal Library will provide opportunities for life-long learning to the residents and visitors of Strathmore and District.

Our Values

  • To support the freedom to read and lifelong learning accessible to all without economic barrier.
  • To eliminate physical and virtual barriers through creative space planning and by providing assistive technology.
  • To provide cultural and educational enrichment to the community through its programs.
  • To provide educational/recreational opportunities for the children of the community.
  • To make the fullest possible use of proven innovations, technological developments and changes in public library service.
  • To market the library‚Äôs information resources and services effectively to the community.
  • To expand library services as population growth requires.

Library Code of Service

The Library strives to maintain an atmosphere of respect and has a responsibility for the protection of public and staff safety, as well as public property. Everyone who uses the Strathmore Municipal Library is expected to behave in a manner which supports this aim.

The Library strives to provide its patrons with:

  • Service that is prompt, professional, courteous, and equitable.
  • A safe and pleasant environment in which to use Library materials and services.
  • Materials and services that appeal to a diverse spectrum of the community.
  • Assistance in the accessing of materials and services, both in-house and electronic, and guidance on their use.
  • Assistance in identifying and connecting with other services and service agencies in the community.