Office Services

Printing / Photocopying Services

Black - $0.25 per page
Colour - $1.00 per page

Please Note:  The Strathmore Municipal Library abides by Canadian Copyright Laws.  Please see attachments below for more information.

Faxing Services

Sending - $1.00 per page
Receiving - $0.25 per page

* Please notify library prior to receiving faxes.

Laminating Services
Letter Size - $2.00 per page
Legal Size -  $3.00 per page

Disc Repair Services - Currently unavailable 

$2.00 per disc. 

Discs can only handle 10 repairs before the surface becomes irreparable.

Please Note: Disc repair is done at the patron's own risk.  The library cannot guarantee that a disc will be playable after the repair is complete. 

Please allow 15 minutes for all disc and laminating services.

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