Gifts and Donations

The Director of Library Services has the authority to accept books and other materials on the condition that he/she makes whatever disposition is deemed advisable.  These donations become the sole possession of the library.  The Library will not accept any materials that are not outright gifts.

Donations of Money

  • Acceptance of donations by the Library does not endorse the views, opinions or actions of the donor. 
  • Individual and group donations above $50 are acknowledged in writing (or other means deemed appropriate) by the Director of Library Services and/or Board Chair. 
  • Next of kin, or individuals deemed appropriate, are notified of names of a person or group making “in memory of” donations.

Donate Online

Donations of Books

The Library Board welcomes donations of books and materials to the collection.  Such materials are accepted in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • Condition of material.
  • Relevance of the material and accuracy of the information.
  • Relevance to community needs and interests.
  • The Director of Library Services can place limits on the amount of donated material.  As a guideline, and subject to the professional judgement of Library personnel, a limit of one to two boxes will be encouraged.
  • Donated materials does not duplicate existing Library collection materials. 

The Library Director reserves the right to sell, donate, share with another library, or recycle, any donated materials which are not ultimately added to the Library collection. 

Donations of furnishings, equipment, art etc.

  • The Director of Library Services reserves the right to reject donations which are not suitable or appropriate.
  • The Director of Library Services reserves the right to remove discard donated items at any time deemed appropriate.