I Read Canadian Bookopoly 2022

Let's Play!

Play your way around our Bookopoly game board throughout the month of November to enjoy some great Canadian literature!

Play alone or with others to complete at least one square in each colour group around the board and get entered to win a prize!  

This program is free to participate and no registration is required.  

Simply pick up your board at the library or download it below. 


  • Complete the board games alone, with your family or with friends!
  • Roll 1 or 2 dice to move around the board.
  • When you land on a space, complete the task listed.  Stamp, sign, or otherwise mark off the square, then roll again!
  • Move around the board as many times as it takes to complete a least one task in each colour grouping.
  • When you have completed all of the necessary tasks (or as many as you would like!), bring your gameboard into the Library and get entered to win a prize!  Don't forget to fill in your name and contact information in the space provided on the board. 


Prizes to be announced soon.


Game Board


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