Director's Corner - August

Aug 01, 2019 Miranda Johnson

Fall Forward with Strathmore Municipal Library

Our library process is to plan months in advance.  We have been happily purchasing new additions to our collection, creating new content for our programs, and overall planning for the best Fall 2019 ever!  We encourage everyone to “Fall” into a new book, a new library program, learn something new, or just meet new friends.  Fall forward into a new routine that involves regular reading and learning.  While the leaves fall from the trees, create your own personal learning leaves and grow spiritually, emotionally, academically, and intellectually. 

Set aside some time for reading!  The sequel to Margaret Atwood’s, The Handmaid’s Tale, titled The Testaments, is due out in early Fall.  Add yourself to our holds list to ensure you are one of the first to read what happens to Offred.   Olive Again is the sequel of the Pulitzer Prize winning novel Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout, a personal favourite. I encourage you to check out both novels.  Philippa Gregory has a new novel out in the Fall, Tidelands, which is set to be historical fiction at its best.  Themes that are emerging for adults in Fall 2019 include witches, health and wellness, and all titles involving our furry dog friends.  One title that caught my attention, The Importance of Being Ernie and Bert: A Best Friend’s Guide to Life, highlights the importance of friendship. 

Additionally, we have a great line up of programs set to engage you, entertain you, support your learning, and encourage you to grow some personal learning leaves.  Whether you plan your escape in  our Harry Potter Escape Room program or attend one of our ongoing storytimes (Monday for babies, Tuesday and Thursday mornings for families with children 0-5, or Wednesday nights for families with children 0-5), or find yourself a new costume at our Halloween Costume Exchange, we hope to see you out and about. 

As the summer fades, check out Fall 2019 on our Facebook page or, on our website.  Let our fantastic staff assist you to find book titles that will enthrall you and ignite many conversations over the Fall months.  Look for us out at community events.  As family members head back to classes, visit the library for resources to help facilitate academic success. While the darkness falls and the leaves turn brown, we are sunny, full of life and growth at Strathmore Municipal Library.  Happy Fall 2019 everyone!