Policies and Guidelines

Library Code of Conduct

The library strives to maintain an atmosphere of respect and has a responsibility for the protection of public and staff safety, as well as public property.  Everyone who uses the Strathmore Municipal Library is expected to behave in a manner which supports this aim. 
The Strathmore Municipal Library strives to provide its patrons with:
·         Prompt, respectful, and courteous service.
·         Materials and services that appeal to a broad spectrum of the community
·         A safe and pleasant environment in which to use Library materials and services
This Code of Conduct is therefore set in place to help achieve these goals and to allow the staff to respond consistently and fairly to all patrons.
1.       Patrons are expected to act with respect and consideration to other patrons and to Library staff. Behaviour that is illegal, unsafe, unruly, disruptive, intrusive, harassing, threatening, or otherwise not appropriate in a public place is not permitted.
2.       Obscene or abusive language is not permitted.
3.       Behaviour that violates the Internet Use Policy is not permitted.
4.       Deliberate misuse, theft, damage, or destruction of Library materials, equipment, or property is not permitted.
5.       Parents, guardians, and caregivers are required to supervise dependent children and/or adults at all times while on Library property.
6.       Audio/video devices (e.g. iPods, MP3 players, portable DVD players, etc.) may be used in the library with headphones and with the volume adjusted to a level that is not disruptive to other patrons.
7.       Food and drink in the Library is subject to responsible behavior (bottled or covered drinks, sealed food containers, etc.).
8.       Photographing and filming is not permitted in the Library without authorization from Library staff and patrons.
9.       Patrons are expected to keep their possessions with them at all times. The Library is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items.
10.    Patrons are not permitted in Staff Only areas without authorization.
11.   The use of tobacco, alcohol, or illegal narcotics is not permitted on Library property. Patrons under the influence of alcohol or illegal narcotics will be required to leave the Library.
Patrons who violate the Library Code of Conduct will be informed by the staff and may be subject to the following:
1.       Expulsion from the Library’s premises
2.       Suspension of Library privileges
3.       Cost-recovery for damages
4.       Prosecution
Repeat violators will be required to sign a Library User Agreement and abide by its terms for a period of 6 months before full Library privileges will be restored. Failure to abide by the terms of the Library User Agreement during this period may result in the extended or permanent loss of Library privileges.

Unattended Children

The Library in no way assumes responsibility for any child under the age of 18 left unattended in the library. In case of an emergency, consent to perform first aid is assumed for any children left unattended.
Parents or guardians of children attending preschool library programs must remain in the library.             
Children under the age of 8 may not be left unattended in the library at any time.  A child is unattended if he/she is in the library without a parent or responsible caregiver, in which case the police may be called.
If children 12 years or under are left at the library at closing time, the staff member in charge will call the Police.

Gifts and Donations

The Director of Library Services has the authority to accept books and other materials on the condition that he/she makes whatever disposition is deemed advisable.  These donations become the sole possession of the library.  The Library will not accept any materials that are not outright gifts.

Donations of Money
·         Individual and group donations are acknowledged by the Director of Library Services and/or Board Chair. 
·         Next of kin to be notified of names of persons making “in memory of” donations.

Donations of furnishings, equipment, art etc.
·         The Director of Library Services reserves the right to reject donations that are not suitable.
·         The Director of Library Services reserves the right to remove donated items when they become obsolete.  

Donations of Books
The Board welcomes donations of books and materials to the collection.  Such materials are accepted in accordance with the following guidelines:
·         Condition of material
·         Accuracy of information
·         Relevance to community needs and interests
·         Does not duplicate materials
The library shall not accept books that have little chance for resale (e.g. textbooks, encyclopedia sets, condensed Reader’s Digest novels) or books that have had their covers removed.
For all of the above:  Materials that are not added to the collection may be sold, offered to another library, or recycled.

See below for complete donation guidelines.

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