Join ME Libraries?

Me Libraries is Alberta Wide Borrowing - a web-based service that allows customers with a library card from a participating library to create an account with and access the physical collections at all other participating libraries. 

Interested customers complete a self-service web form of to create an account with libraries other than their home library.  This allows them to use their home library card as their library card at any participating Alberta library (not in TRAC).  All items must be picked up at the owning library but can conveniently be returned to any ME library.  

Q: How do I register?
A: You must register for each library you want to use by visiting

Q: Is there a cost to use the ME Libraires service and create accounts at member libraires?
A: There is no cost to customers who have an existing home library card with one of the participating libraries.

Q: When I sign up with one library, will all libraries have a ME account for me?
A: No.  You must specify which libraries you want your account information sent to.  Visit to register.  For a list of participating Alberta libraries visit

Q: What are the requirement for registration?
A: A current library card in good standing and PIN from a participating Alberta library and an email address are the only requirements to register.

Q: Is there a separate ME card?
A: Once you are registered, your home library card is used to borrow materials from the library you are visiting. 


Q: Who is eligible to register to use the ME Libraries service?
A: Adults, age 18 and over, with a home library card in good standing may register for access to participating libraries via the ME Libraries webstie.  You must have an email address registration in your home library account to successfully use the ME Libraries service.  All notices about your account(s) will be sent to your email address.

Permission from a  parent or guardian is required to register a child's card.  Minors cannot sign up online, but can visit any participating library to sign up in person accompanied by a parent or guardian.

General Overview
Q: Are there any restrictions when using ME?
A: You have access to the physical collections of other libraries; however, electronic resources and digital content (like eBooks) are excluded.  Local borrowing rules for each participating library apply.

Q: Do I have to pay fees for overdue or lost materials at libraries I register with?
A: Yes.  You agree to abide by the borrowing rules of each library you create an account with.  Any fees are to paid directly to the library where you borrowed materials.

Q: Where do I go to view my account (e.g. items I have checked out)?
A: When you register on your patron record is coped into that library's system.  you will log in through that library's website to view those items.

Q: Where do I return items borrowed from ME?
A: Items may be returned at any participating ME Library, including your home library.

Q: Which libraries participate in ME?
A: Visit for a complete list of all participating Alberta libraries and systems.