Community Education Session: A focus on speech & language

 Information & tips for improving communication abilities in children and youth. 

Learn about speech and language difficulties and their impact on children and youth in terms of academic achievement, psychological and social development.  The presentation will describe what to do if you are concerned about your child's communication abilities or fluency.  Therapy resources for children and youth and information about speech and language treatment options will be provided.  This presentation will also discuss ISTAR's speech and language services, research projects, and how to access ISTAR's services. 

This session is presented by the Community Education Service of the Child & Adolescent, Mental Health & Psychiatry Program (CAAMHPP) of AHS in partnership with the Institute for Stuttering Treatment & Research (ISTAR).

This FREE program will be presented via videoconference in the Meeting Room of the library.   No registration is required.

Event Date: 
2018 Oct 31 - 10:30am - 12:30pm